"In charity there is no excess"
Sir Francis Bacon
  Global Action for Assistance and Development is a nonprofit organization that promotes education and skill-building as the primary tools for personal, professional, and community enrichment. The organization focuses on two special populations -  U.S. students and African communities - to implement programs of empowerment and personal growth.
OUR Mission
To enrich the lives of people everywhere one community at a time..
OUR Vision
To build a valuable workforce among all groups
To empower communities for sustainable growth
To promote a more civil and stable society through education...
            ...so that tomorrow will be a better day

Message from the Board President

The founding of GAAD could not be more timely. At a time when school dropout rate in the U.S., especially among minority students, has reached crisis proportions, we need people and organizations to stand in the gap. In these extraordinary times when the world faces massive and relentless levels of poverty in Africa in the midst of global economic growth and capital expansion, we cannot be more vigilant. I call on individuals and organizations to join GAAD and other like-minded civic organizations in our effort to push back against the tide of poverty that consequently breeds conflicts and wars.

Can you imagine a world where the vast majority of the people are living in nonviolent communities and contributing their best to helping others in need? Can you imagine a world where terrorism and illegal immigration is a thing of the past? Join us in actualizing this vision.
Please take your time to review our ideas and our vision for contributing to a better world. A donation of $10, for example, can go a long way in building the hopes and aspirations of a person or community. I personally guarantee that our organization will provide proof-positive that your contribution is appropriately used. You will feel a glow in your spirit to see and hear from people whose lives your contribution has changed, and the promise "Give, and it shall be given unto you; a good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over..." will be fulfilled.

GAAD accepts contributions of all kinds- real property, machinery, vehicles, electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, household and office items, yard and farm equipments, and learning tools...

Help us act on the vision of enriching lives

Higher Education Resources and Opportunities is a program designed to help reverse the school dropout crisis in America. Utilizing primarily college students and other community pillars as mentors, this program identifies and supports under-served, at-risk, academically disoriented or otherwise interested students at all levels of the school system to focus on gaining college or other forms of higher eduction. We have developed many meaningful projects to assist young American scholars successfully graduate high school and transition to, as well as complete, college education. Please visit the HERO programs page for more information...  

The Empowerment Resources for Africa program is specifically designed to compliment local community efforts at sustainable development in African communities. Utilizing the model community concept, ERA is designed to help bring selected African communities into the information era by providing educational resources to schools and community education centers. Please visit the ERA programs page to gain more insights into our vision...


As early as elementary school, the HERO program is designed to instill the importance of higher education in American youths

african students association leaders
University students at USAO celebrating success after a community development fund raising
                 soc students get certificate Sociology Club of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma receive certificate for participation in fund raising and tutoring in a Head Start  school in Oklahoma
GAAD,Inc. is committed to investing in the future of our global system by enhancing social capital among the youths, especially those young people who linger on the fringes of societies. Please show your support of our goals by your generous contributions. Visit our donation page today.